Midco will review each new user login request. You will receive email notification within 24 hours when new user login request has been reviewed and activated.

Terms and Conditions for Midco Porting Gateway Enrollment

Midco grants to you administrative rights for your designated company for the use of its Midco Porting Gateway website. These administrative rights include but are not limited to submitting LSRs (Local Service Requests) and other related tasks relating to local number portability and other LSR related documents.

By submitting this application for an administrative account for your designated company, you agree to:

  • Maintain your company’s user accounts by creating, deleting and editing user information via the website.
  • Retain responsibility for ensuring an LOA is obtained on all telephone numbers for which a CSR is requested or an LSR is submitted prior to submitting such requests and complying with all requirements in the agreement between your company and Midco.
  • Be Midco’s primary contact regarding all local number portability questions or issues between your company and Midco.